Review: Whiskey When We’re Dry by John Larison

This is an incredibly good audiobook. I say that both a person that isn’t drawn to westerns, and as a woman who is often disappointed with how male writers write female characters.

Pointing that out as this is a western, written by a white man, about an absolutely brilliant, strong, unforgettable female mixed-race character.

This book is beautifully written, heartbreaking, and does not shy away from race, gender, class or sexuality themes. Jess as a character is so well-written, believable and deep. I really wish her story could go on and on. After I finished, I looked up Larimer, and I may have a bit of an author crush now. This guy can write, and what a brilliant goal in writing this book.

The audiobook is very well done. Narrator Sophie Amoss captures the language and voice of these characters in such a way that she really brings them to life. I can’t recommend it enough for audio fans who are interested in this book.

This was also my #genrebusting book for one of my Litsy reading challenges (#booked2019), and it certainly fit the bill. It is gritty and violent and set in the old west, but such a fresh take on the old westerns. I loved everything about it!


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