Review: A Witch in Time by Constance Sayers

How great is this cover!?

Long time, no blog! Although I have transitioned to working from home part time/in the office the rest of the time, I feel like I’m running in circles and constantly on edge with the current state of the world during this pandemic. I’m finally starting to get into a rhythm with my new reality, and reading (and actually comprehending what I read) is getting easier. Thank goodness!

A Witch in Time was a perfect escape read for me. It has all of the things I love in a novel: historical fiction, a bit of romance, multiple timelines, and solid writing, with the added bonus of some paranormal magic.

Helen is a present-day magazine exec in Washington DC who begins to remember her past lives (and loves), beginning when she was a young woman in 1895 France. As Juliet, she was the young muse and lover of an older, married Parisian artist. When her mother—a witch—attempts to curse the artist, she botches the spell and ends up binding Juliet to the artist for all time, dooming her to relive their failed affair and die tragically young through history. Luke Varner is a minor demon who is assigned to maintain the curse and look after Juliet, and he’s been helplessly in love with her in each of her reincarnations. Juliet/Helen is a witch herself, and has gotten stronger with each life, and Helen struggles to find a way to stop the curse forever before she runs out of time again.

I was completely absorbed in the story and adored the main character in all of her incarnations. As Helen remembers each of her 3 past lives, we get an interesting trip through time and around the world. The romance is nicely crafted, and I was very much invested in the characters. I love the way the story is structured and the pacing is great. The ending did feel a bit rushed, but the epilogue went a long way to redeem it. Overall, an excellent story.

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for my copy.


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