My (very unofficial) August NetGalley Reviewathon

I’ve just hit the one-year mark since joining NetGalley, and my ratio needs some help, y’all.

I initially made the common newbie mistake of requesting too many books (I didn’t think I would get approved for all of them!) and have been digging myself out ever since. I *almost* reached the elusive 80% two months ago, but then I requested a bunch more upcoming releases that I’m very excited about, and then audiobooks happened on NetGalley, and now here I sit at 56%.


Last year, NetGalley had a 6 week reviewathon, and I’ve been hoping they would do that again. So far, there’s nothing official until later this year, but my abysmal ratio has led me to take matters into my own hands. I’m planning my own, completely unofficial NetGalley reviewathon in August. Several bookish friends are joining me over on Litsy as well, so that we can (hopefully) motivate each other into being a little less ashamed of our unread galleys.

Just a few of the books I have on my August reviewathon TBR:

Anyone else up for a NetGalley catch-up month?

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3 thoughts on “My (very unofficial) August NetGalley Reviewathon

      • I try not to do that too often, I sometimes have a hard time getting back to books if I stop in the middle and pick up another book. I have a high DNF rate 🙈😆


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